Man with Life-long Medical Condition Claims He Had a Miracle Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 5, Episode 63 - Runles v. Taylor: A Michigan man plagued with a medical condition since childhood claims it would be a miracle if he fathered his girlfriend's daughter, especially since she cheated with another man.


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Man with Life-long Medical Condition Claims He Had a Miracle Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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  • Reaperz YT
    Reaperz YT Год назад Who else just skips to the end to see the results? Like if you do
  • Cassandra Gordon
    Cassandra Gordon Год назад Reaperz YT I go to the comments.
  • Alexia Daley
    Alexia Daley Год назад Most times I do.
  • Queen Jazzy
    Queen Jazzy Год назад I come right to the comments lool
  • Ashley J
    Ashley J Год назад I just couldn't wait lol
  • Sarah Nabilah
    Sarah Nabilah Год назад I need to see the drama
  • Tenna Murfett
    Tenna Murfett 11 месяцев назад 98% of the time I skip to the end, especially when there's too much foolish drama or boredom. If the kid don't look like the daddy(s) then I'll give it the 2% of my time to watch the show.
  • Brandy Pringle
    Brandy Pringle 10 месяцев назад I go to the end see if it's his, if it is his then I go back and watch the episode.
  • klge
    klge 10 месяцев назад 8 out of 10 times I do. The yelling and carrying on gets to me. Not that all episodes are like that though quite a few.
  • Nassan Sousa
    Nassan Sousa 8 месяцев назад That is sooo wrong ....haha
  • Nassan Sousa
    Nassan Sousa 8 месяцев назад @Sarah Nabilah hahaha You get it!!!
  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 8 месяцев назад Usually I do, but not for this case. Glad that it was his baby.
  • Rain Thalmann
    Rain Thalmann 8 месяцев назад The story is what makes me want to hear the results. I wouldn't care otherwise because they'd just be two random strangers to me.
  • Kevin Vaughn
    Kevin Vaughn 7 месяцев назад Drinking game and this has replaced poker night.
  • ChrisAzalea666
    ChrisAzalea666 7 месяцев назад What’s the point of even watching then?
  • Mpume Phakathi
    Mpume Phakathi 7 месяцев назад Neh, I like the juicy drama
  • Giovana Samara
    Giovana Samara 7 месяцев назад I do it when people start yelling and screaming at each other. Ain't nobody got time for that! If people are civil, I watch it through.
  • Love2Dance
    Love2Dance 7 месяцев назад Haha! I don't but I completely understand the temptation to do so and especially to jump right to the comments. LOL
  • Infinite Joy
    Infinite Joy 6 месяцев назад Reaperz YT I just did it.
  • Peg Baca Martinez
    Peg Baca Martinez 4 месяца назад I do sometimes 😂 I don't want to get emotionally invested & be disappointed by the results 😂
  • A Mo
    A Mo 3 месяца назад Only when there is a lot of yelling &/or a lot of useless "testimonies"
  • Nina Star
    Nina Star 3 месяца назад Yes me...if the case is long winded or old ppl...I skip to the end.
  • Jose M. Figueroa Jr.
    Jose M. Figueroa Jr. 3 месяца назад Already done.
  • Kk Ks
    Kk Ks 3 месяца назад 🙈 me
  • Faith Kisangi
    Faith Kisangi 2 месяца назад @Sarah Nabilah me toooo
  • Sonya Blade
    Sonya Blade 2 месяца назад Always!!!!😯😛😁😁😁
  • Najat Ladak
    Najat Ladak 1 месяц назад Reaperz YT me
  • Truth Sayer
    Truth Sayer 1 месяц назад Reaperz YT - me!!! Lol I can’t help it sometimes.
  • Meltones
    Meltones 1 месяц назад Forty to 50% of the time I jump to the results.
  • Sheila MacRae
    Sheila MacRae 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍 I DO !!!! I DO !!! 😂😂😂👌😝
  • Sheila MacRae
    Sheila MacRae 1 месяц назад It was almost as if she kept talking like she wanted it to be the other dudes baby 🤔🤔🤔🤔😏😏????? I knew it was his baby by looking at the 👂👂 BIG EARS💯👌 !! 😂😝Awww😍😍💪👍👍👍😂😂😂😂 AND HE ALSO CALLED IT OUT HIMSELF !! 😊😊😊
  • Brandy Clark
    Brandy Clark 1 месяц назад I don't always but like 50/50 and if its boring me I do lol
  • Siya Kundu
    Siya Kundu 1 месяц назад I thought I was the only person like that 😂😂😂
  • Ange H
    Ange H 2 недели назад I don’t think she lve this man, maybe he is just a convenience to her comfort, I just appreciate this Judge how she conducted herself & the audience even when the ppls are getting hipper she keep her cool
  • barbiebrat123
    barbiebrat123 Неделю назад Not if I think going to be a good one .
  • Savita Ram
    Savita Ram Год назад (изменено) Being unfaithful is a CHOICE not a "mistake."
  • Veronica Matchett
    Veronica Matchett 11 месяцев назад if you want to get technical - the choice was the mistake
  • fyoukim12
    fyoukim12 9 месяцев назад Being a Ho is a choice. And always a mistake
  • Umm JJ Nine
    Umm JJ Nine 8 месяцев назад People forget that once a liar, always a liar...cant be trusted.
  • fyoukim12
    fyoukim12 8 месяцев назад @Umm JJ Nine that's horseshit. People can and do change.
  • tom2749
    tom2749 7 месяцев назад He will wonder what she is doing even when she goes outside to pick up the paper.
  • 2800boy
    2800boy 7 месяцев назад @fyoukim12 I think its possible but its very rare that cheaters change.
  • Tez Esquire
    Tez Esquire 6 месяцев назад @Veronica Matchett naw, choices are mistakes. Maybe a bad decision, but definitely not a mistake.
  • Debi Barrington
    Debi Barrington 2 месяца назад Its a choice that was a mistake ..weve all made some preety dumb choices and mistakes but cleaning up your act is also a choice and so is not judging someone a choice and if you do it then it becomes a mistake
  • Debi Barrington
    Debi Barrington 2 месяца назад @Umm JJ Nine thats not true ..stoopid saying you grew up hearing
  • Debi Barrington
    Debi Barrington 2 месяца назад @2800boy everyone can change
  • LittleMissAbsinthe
    LittleMissAbsinthe 2 месяца назад Agreed! It's a very conscious and selfish choice.
  • CyeOutsider
    CyeOutsider 2 месяца назад Choices can be mistakes. Common sense alone should tell you that.
  • R D
    R D 1 месяц назад Savita Ram you better preach!!!!!
  • sickening_love
    sickening_love 1 месяц назад Depends on the context. It was a mistake to her because she never learned/experience the consequences. Thus, being a mistake because deep heartedly, she obviously didnt mean to get this far. As long as she learns from her mistake, she will try to avoid such a mistake again.
  • sickening_love
    sickening_love 1 месяц назад @2800boy They can if the cheater regrets their choices. If they don't, they do it again. People can change.
  • dark zeratul
    dark zeratul Неделю назад yep Unfaithful is a choice and not a mistake. I hate it when I hear girls say it was an accident I didn't mean for it to happen. Complete bs, girls know exactly what they are doing when they decide to cheat
  • Leele W.
    Leele W. Неделю назад Absolutely and Should not be given a second chance. Period
  • Karrel Foster
    Karrel Foster 1 день назад It pisses me off everytime one these woman come in court and say I made a mistake. it not they made a choice
  • Sojourner Truthin
    Sojourner Truthin Год назад I love Judge Lake. She is the perfect blend of intelligence, professionalism, wisdom, humor and compassion. I give her and everyone involved in this show a lot of credit for handling this kind of topic in an entertaining yet dignified way.
  • veranya2074
    veranya2074 Год назад she is a classic mature and wise woman. You can have a daughter with a trait like her but you have to raise them good. 😁
  • Ms Ren
    Ms Ren Год назад She's so objective. It's kinda insane.
  • rdobs Renee
    rdobs Renee 10 месяцев назад She is super loving ,kind and brilliant oh and beautiful.
  • Cold Hearted Prince
    Cold Hearted Prince 8 месяцев назад Well said
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад Sojourner Truthin "It's Entertainment"
  • Sarai williams. Ug Africa
    Sarai williams. Ug Africa 7 месяцев назад @Ismail Khan indeed she is
  • Love2Dance
    Love2Dance 7 месяцев назад Truly, enough cannot be said about this judge. She's wonderful in everyone way.
  • Cortney Love
    Cortney Love 2 месяца назад Honestly so true. I find myself annoyed with the people in this show when they yell and they’re so irrational but she sits there and still shows compassion. She stays so objective despite how frustrated most people would be. It’s so impressive.
  • Mitch Contreras
    Mitch Contreras 1 месяц назад She's gorgeous inside and out! purple like no other too! 💜
  • Toni Benedict
    Toni Benedict 1 месяц назад She is everything a judge should be! I truly admire her in every way possible
  • Habibah Ahmad
    Habibah Ahmad 2 недели назад I am so agreeing with U 100 percent and I will add Judge Lake is a humble person 🤗
  • Bella Sevyn
    Bella Sevyn Год назад Am I the only one that from jump thought that Lil blue eyed baby was his anyway?
  • Carolette Hinds
    Carolette Hinds Год назад Bella Sevyn not at all. I thought he was the baby's father.
  • Luvly Cee
    Luvly Cee Год назад Bella Sevyn I did too !! Lol
  • Ann Clark
    Ann Clark Год назад Those ears gave it away.
  • B L U E
    B L U E Год назад (изменено) She looks like him, just a different head shape. He's a good man and I hope nothing but the best for their family.
  • D'Nicety
    D'Nicety Год назад Bella Sevyn i did, baby looks like him. Glad it was his.
  • Tiffany Perry
    Tiffany Perry Год назад I thought so too I was like she is his with only watching for a few seconds and I am glad that she is his
  • Laura Thornton
    Laura Thornton Год назад She was a clone.
  • Kimberly Gray
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  • Telma Bass
    Telma Bass Год назад Bella Sevyn I definitely thought she looked like him from jumb street agree
  • ThatIrishGirl
    ThatIrishGirl Год назад Bella Sevyn no, i did too but the ears made me positive
  • Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
    Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more Год назад Bella Sevyn check out :whited out 6 , background check of the white man, on YouTube ⏳
  • Sandra D
    Sandra D Год назад Me too and I am at work jumped off my chair
  • Guess Who
    Guess Who Год назад (изменено) Bella Sevyn I knew from the start it was his baby. She looked just like him and she said she found out not even a week later after sleeping with the other guy that she was pregnant. It doesnt show up that quick.
  • Kandi Kisses
    Kandi Kisses Год назад I was praying so
  • Lisa lisa
    Lisa lisa Год назад Bella Sevyn She resembles her father.
  • xxXxCherish LoveXXxx
    xxXxCherish LoveXXxx Год назад Yes that baby is fair headed and blue eyed like this man. There was no doubt in my mind.
  • feathered m
    feathered m Год назад small white babies will have a tendancy to hold onto bright blue eyes for a while. they fade as they get older.
  • L Ol
    L Ol 11 месяцев назад They’re identical
  • Marie Franco
    Marie Franco 10 месяцев назад When i saw the blue eyed baby i thought it was his.
  • Precious Adewole
    Precious Adewole 10 месяцев назад It actually doesn't matter what color her eyes are... As in her eyes are blue which is normal because white parents that have both brown eyes have a chance of having a blue eyed baby. One of them carries the gene.
  • No Restrictions
    No Restrictions 10 месяцев назад Totally, she really got those elephants ears like him. Blond hair like him when he was a child and awesome eyes. It's plain visible
  • Mikaella Moro
    Mikaella Moro 10 месяцев назад Them ears didn’t need any DNA testing lol
  • 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party!
    100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party! 8 месяцев назад Yes, I did believe the baby was his but I was still nervous to hear the results.
  • Cold Hearted Prince
    Cold Hearted Prince 8 месяцев назад 1000 like
  • Huffypuff
    Huffypuff 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Thanks to middle school punnett squares, we now know that mom is a Bb. There was a 50:50 chance on whether baby would have brown or blue eyes, as the results of the pair would come out Bb, Bb, bb, or bb. Irelynn in this case is a bb.
  • Castle & Berry
    Castle & Berry 8 месяцев назад I screamed! Very happy for this couple.
  • TheRiseofTony
    TheRiseofTony 1 месяц назад Bella Sevyn nope but they do have same lips
  • Cici La'Shae
    Cici La'Shae Год назад YES THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I was so nervous for him. He put his trust in God and now he has a miricale baby!!!
  • Mi reille
    Mi reille Год назад Cici's World miracle for sho ❤
  • watchgoose
    watchgoose Год назад miracle
  • ThatIrishGirl
    ThatIrishGirl Год назад Cici's World That was awesome 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤
  • val Jafar
    val Jafar Год назад Spoiler!!!!
  • Anne L
    Anne L Год назад Cici's World Your comment got me relieved even before going through the video..oh thank you
  • Leyla Abdully12
    Leyla Abdully12 Год назад Cici's World yes oooo
  • Leyla Abdully12
    Leyla Abdully12 Год назад watchgoose Jesus is the lord
  • Kathleen Anne
    Kathleen Anne Год назад Did you all not hear what the doctor said? If he could urinate normally his problem did not in fact affect his fertility at all...
  • Alice Lane
    Alice Lane Год назад Kathleen Anne does the word God bother you that much? You could have just not commented if it does. Because it appears it does bother you.
  • Mango Roxx
    Mango Roxx Год назад Alice Lane Stop being a Jesus Troll! You're embarrassing Him! Very snotty way to bring Him into the conversation. Shame on you.
  • Alice Lane
    Alice Lane Год назад Mango Roxx does the word God bother you? It seem it does. The only one who should be ashamed is you
  • Gersun Crimson
    Gersun Crimson Год назад Ty God
  • Ann
    Ann Год назад Darlanne that baby's a miracle from God!
  • Barbarita Chanda
    Barbarita Chanda Год назад Think weve all said an amen for this wonderful man.
  • Tori G.
    Tori G. Год назад Spoiler! I should have not scrolled down. Lol
  • Omar Gadal
    Omar Gadal Год назад Thank you god not jesus... Jesus is a man and prophet of God not God
  • Libby Rees
    Libby Rees Год назад I had to scroll down to the comments as the suspense was killing me... I am so glad he is the father and that the 2 of them can work everything out and stay together.....She made a dreadful mistake, and you can see she is so very sorry for sleeping with another man....The look on both their faces when they got the results was priceless.
  • Latisha Free
    Latisha Free Год назад I was soo happy for them.
  • tessa tabanao
    tessa tabanao Год назад God works in mysterious ways. Happy for both of you.
  • tan siau we
    tan siau we Год назад Amen 😍😘
  • ExoL BTS Gfriend
    ExoL BTS Gfriend Год назад Same I was praying so hard for a Miracle to happen & when it was Confirmed that he was indeed the father of that child even though he had a severe Medical condition...I was so happy that I went into Shock and kept thanking God for Answering my prayers,,,I hope they live a blessed life with their beautiful baby girl
  • odekale Bamidele
    odekale Bamidele 11 месяцев назад Darlanne for someone who have spent 50 years being a Christian I am disappointed you don’t know that all baby’s coming to this earth comes through Jesus. Very disappointed you don’t know that a leave does not fall from a tree without the consent of Jesus the Christ.
  • Justine Nerlande Shirk Shurk
    Justine Nerlande Shirk Shurk 10 месяцев назад Cici La'Shae Miracle do happens only if you put your whole faith in God. Sara was an old lady 👵 who had a child although she laughed at God when God told her she was going to conceived
  • Arsema Hagos
    Arsema Hagos 10 месяцев назад That’s what I was thinking too. Glory to him mighty name.
  • Mayweather Money
    Mayweather Money 10 месяцев назад I'm happy to read your comment before I watched it to the end
  • ACEsneaky 23
    ACEsneaky 23 9 месяцев назад This one made me happy for sure
    SUXXEXX MEDIA INC 9 месяцев назад Hallelujah. THANK GOD for MERCIES. He put his trust in CHRIST and CHRIST rewarded him
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад Cici La'Shae its entertainment
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад Cici La'Shae "It's Entertainment"
  • J K
    J K 8 месяцев назад @Alice Lane Lol why would you just assume that she was bothered by the word God? Maybe she was just pointing out that this obviously was not a "miracle," since the only thing wrong with the guy was that his dickhole's playing peekaboo.
  • Mille Berit Aag
    Mille Berit Aag 6 месяцев назад As much as a miracle as any baby! His condition does NOT affect his ability to have children, didnt you listen to the doctor?
  • Mille Berit Aag
    Mille Berit Aag 6 месяцев назад @ExoL BTS Gfriend His condition doest NOT affect his ability to have children, didnt you listen to the doctor??
  • Mille Berit Aag
    Mille Berit Aag 6 месяцев назад @SUXXEXX MEDIA INC NO, his condition does not affect his fertility, listen to the doctor, she said so, loud and clear!
  • Ida Mae Bennett
    Ida Mae Bennett 5 месяцев назад Cici La'Shae yes me too am happy for both of these young people very happy all turn out well.
  • Winnie Marendi
    Winnie Marendi 5 месяцев назад @Omar Gadal everyone is entitled to heir faith. u are allowed to say thank God and we are allowed to say thank you Jesus. Stop criticizing the other person's believes
  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 месяца назад He trusted biology.
  • May Brad
    May Brad 2 месяца назад That woman is a punishment for that guy. He should leave her
  • Hilary C
    Hilary C 2 месяца назад Seriously, does no one have an education? This is simple biology explained by the doctor. No miracle, no gods, no unicorns. Just facts about the male reproduction system. That is all.
  • R D
    R D 1 месяц назад Kathleen Anne thank you. And all babies are miracles. Now if the adults could stop behaving foolishly there would be no need to test a child.
  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 месяц назад Jesus is not god
  • Hilary C
    Hilary C 1 месяц назад @That Guy Nope, not a god. Just some dead lobbyist.
  • Andrea Puri
    Andrea Puri 1 месяц назад odekale Bamidele -Why do you feel the need to inject your own religious beliefs into others? You’re nothing but a sinner, an imperfect being; your judgmental attitude is truly disturbing. We’re all going to be judged by God one day. Jesus is God’s son ! They’re two different entities, NOT one. It seems to me you ought to go back to your Bible instead of denigrating others.
  • Hilary C
    Hilary C 1 месяц назад @Andrea Puri No such monstas.
  • Leggs
    Leggs Год назад (изменено) That motherhood speech she gave was so sweet. Bravo to her for not waiting til the child is an adult. She made a mistake. Im glad it’s his baby. I wish them the best!
  • obe dan
    obe dan 10 месяцев назад Leggs good I dont hv to watch till end...
  • Saffron Lealle
    Saffron Lealle 9 месяцев назад Made me cry
  • T. Dee
    T. Dee 7 месяцев назад And she's in court making more. She is a straight up liar!!!
  • breguet101
    breguet101 6 месяцев назад CORRECTION: Bad DECISION, not a mistake.
  • Shonda Brooks
    Shonda Brooks 2 месяца назад Spoiler
  • Arlisia Coley
    Arlisia Coley 1 месяц назад breguet101 mis·take /məˈstāk/ noun 1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.
  • MyTwell
    MyTwell Год назад First time a woman is featured on this show who is risking it all for her child.
  • Dazz Ling
    Dazz Ling Год назад Yes, bcos she valued most whole family. Not broken family
  • Alison Francis
    Alison Francis 4 месяца назад True but she also got caught first.
  • rico suave
    rico suave Год назад (изменено) This is one of the besttttt episode yet! I've never been the happiest about a case.
  • Barbara Brunson
    Barbara Brunson Год назад rico suave too!
  • Nature Traveller
    Nature Traveller Год назад Same here😁
  • Dmart 360
    Dmart 360 Год назад This ones good. Watch the one with the gentleman Trent Laupp 😭
  • Mrs. O
    Mrs. O 11 месяцев назад Dmart 360 which episode is it?
  • Ayesha Martin
    Ayesha Martin 11 месяцев назад Same here ☺
  • Skinfully
    Skinfully 11 месяцев назад aww sameee
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад rico suave "It's Entertainment" all drama
  • Stefania
    Stefania 8 месяцев назад IKR? Very beautiful and moving. Finally a couple who loved each other and loved their child
  • Jamie
    Jamie 6 месяцев назад I literally just commented this!!!!!
  • Grace Tshituka
    Grace Tshituka 11 месяцев назад "I've been wanting to have a kid since I was 18" Me: why????
  • Alexandra Johnson
    Alexandra Johnson 10 месяцев назад Grace Tshituka admittedly that seems young nowadays, but I think after being told he might not be able to father children, it triggered that paternal desire even more.
  • Michelle Bissett
    Michelle Bissett 10 месяцев назад @Alexandra Johnson agree 100%.... faced with the possibility of not being able to have a child is hard whether you're a woman or a man. Thank God this child is his! ❤❤❤
  • Reahlene Roberts
    Reahlene Roberts 10 месяцев назад Your day will come soon be patience
  • Vannette Daisy
    Vannette Daisy 8 месяцев назад To each his own
  • Jacqueline Carrera
    Jacqueline Carrera 8 месяцев назад I thought about your question and I think it may be due to the fact that he’s had so many operations and therefore this was very much a focus for him from the get go.
  • Cassandra Hepp
    Cassandra Hepp 8 месяцев назад If you're told you may never have kids then I completely understand trying to from the beginning.
  • Sara
    Sara 8 месяцев назад I'm 22 and I'm like.. why 😂😂
  • Torie Brook
    Torie Brook 7 месяцев назад I'm 28 with two toddlers and am not sure why... Lol jk ...sometimes
  • Hailey Hurley
    Hailey Hurley 7 месяцев назад I started at 18. I had three miscarriages and by 24, finally three healthy boys. It's hard but I have a history of reproductive issues and having kids later reduces success and likelihood of a healthy term baby. Both of my youngest were high risk pregnancies with serious risks that could have been much harder, life or death, if I had waited. Right now, I'm undergoing tests because my doctor is talking about a hysterectomy being a possibility. I'm a few months shy of 26. Sometimes, it is better to have kids earlier. My husband has always worked and provided for us, we struggle but we have the family we wanted and we work every day to make the other pieces fall into place.
  • remember diamond
    remember diamond 7 месяцев назад I'm 25 . And I'm still asking why 😧😧
  • Shaniece Rodgers
    Shaniece Rodgers 7 месяцев назад Sameeeee
  • Giovana Samara
    Giovana Samara 7 месяцев назад My thoughts exactly.
  • Nyeema McCaskill
    Nyeema McCaskill 6 месяцев назад That'd be my question also
  • Cake Princess
    Cake Princess 6 месяцев назад I don't see why not. Some people wanna focus on careers and other things and some people just wanna be parents.
  • Amy Amy
    Amy Amy 5 месяцев назад Some people have always wanted to be parents and some never want kids. I never wanted any and I have a son and let me tell you I'm so grateful he's here. I would never be this happy without him he's the best thing I'll ever do
  • hot cheetos
    hot cheetos 4 месяца назад i've been dreaming of a wife and chirldren since i was like 14, some people just like that lifestyle or like children i don't know 🤷🏽‍♂️ in this case it might be because of his "issue"
  • e.alvira Sergio
    e.alvira Sergio 2 месяца назад Me since 17 now am 24 still no baby
  • friendly neighborhood spider-man
    friendly neighborhood spider-man 1 месяц назад He doesn't think he can have kids and that's probably why.
  • wanda girl
    wanda girl 1 месяц назад "MeDiCaL CoNdITiOnS"
  • LevDevi
    LevDevi 1 месяц назад Honestly from the position of someone who wants kids but may not be able to have children: because you want to prove the medical death sentence for fertility wrong.
  • Stephanie Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson 3 недели назад I saw this comment literally as it was being said 😂💀💯
  • dark zeratul
    dark zeratul Неделю назад @Grace Tshituka nothing wrong with wanting to have a kid at 18 years old, then having a kid. Everyone is different, if two young people want to have a kid at 18 years old then that is on them
  • PlainJane of All Trades
    PlainJane of All Trades 6 дней назад Grace Tshituka sometimes you just don’t feel loved in your current life that you just want someone of your own to be able to control your happiness level and share the beautiful life you dream of. I wanted my son at 15 and cursed the high heavens and had my son a year later. Too young in some minds, but I am now 38, and my son and I have been AWESOME because I had no doubts or regrets and gave him what I never truly had. 💕LOVE💕
  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland Год назад First time watcher and commenter on this channel. I love it. I think I have found my new favorite YouTube channel.
  • Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
    Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more Год назад Heather McFarland check out Dana Stevens :white church most wake up your enslaving god chosen, on YouTube this is a white man telling truth ⏳
  • Gaylene Wood
    Gaylene Wood Год назад Heather McFarland Judge rinder he is pretty good judge you should check it out..
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    Keni Omole Год назад Join the club
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    THE-Daywalker Год назад It’s soooo addictive 😂😂😂😂 I found it like 2 weeks ago.. between this and Judgr Faith, I’m hooked! #Welcome !
  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland Год назад Lucy Oooo now I’ve got to check out Judge Faith!!!
  • frances martin
    frances martin Год назад Omg I cant take him series he in no way even acts like a Judge, more like a Comedian
  • PringlePatriot
    PringlePatriot Год назад Heather McFarland
  • Myong V
    Myong V Год назад Heather McFarland me too for months now....
    BERN HAN Год назад Heather McFarland same
  • Lovely Brittney.
    Lovely Brittney. Год назад Welcome. Welcome to the family🌱
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    Charlie Hinds Год назад You would be
  • Temmy Badmos
    Temmy Badmos Год назад Heather McFarland I also
  • Honey Santos
    Honey Santos Год назад What can i say i just lov thus show. And the judge Lauren has a very nice voice😙😍😍😍
  • Erika
    Erika Год назад It always starts with one vid, and now I can’t stop watching these 😂
  • Clyde as Always
    Clyde as Always Год назад yup me too.. im addicted already watching this channel...
  • claude melgazo
    claude melgazo Год назад Heather McFarland were the same sis i don’t care if I wakeup late in the morning
  • Avijit Roy
    Avijit Roy Год назад Heather McFarland hi
  • awesomegamer798
    awesomegamer798 Год назад L L L]00
  • nze
    nze Год назад She is the new Judge Judy, Judy is old and sag
  • lina lacaden
    lina lacaden Год назад Heather McFarland mi too i like it 😍😢
  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink Год назад Hello hottie.
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    Fe Fitz 11 месяцев назад Me too
  • skeemer01
    skeemer01 11 месяцев назад Im a newbie too and totally hooked
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    Claire Conner 10 месяцев назад Y
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    Just Hera 9 месяцев назад Me too.. i always watched it now...
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    LadyCat 9 месяцев назад Welcome to the PC Family
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    A boobae 9 месяцев назад Welcome
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    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад Heather McFarland "It's Entertainment"
  • N.R. Wilson
    N.R. Wilson 7 месяцев назад It's been 5 months since you posted this, but I also wanted to say this was around the same time I started getting hooked to paternity court. Lol. It's definitely addicting 5 months later.
  • Dawn
    Dawn 7 месяцев назад Welcome to the clan
  • Maanda Manyatshe
    Maanda Manyatshe 3 месяца назад You will spend hours with this show... it is so addictive.
  • Jay T
    Jay T 1 месяц назад You becareful of the PC addiction. Ok? It happened to me. I strubbled onto 1 show in June 2019 . I watched 36 episodes on the 1st day. Then about 100 more over the next week. The comments are equally as entertaining. Ok. Gotra vet back to PC now .
  • Tara Marie
    Tara Marie 1 месяц назад I Love It👌
  • DonDon Vs Donia
    DonDon Vs Donia Год назад Wow! I’ve never heard of this condition! 🙀🙀🙀
  • Chayda Robinson
    Chayda Robinson Год назад DonDon Vs Donia what was it I skipped to see the results lol
  • Mr F n N
    Mr F n N Год назад DonDonvs Donia good afternoon beautiful
  • DonDon Vs Donia
    DonDon Vs Donia Год назад Cal Grier Good afternoon 🌞
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    BVAAE Selmanaj Год назад Me neither
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    skeemer01 11 месяцев назад New one on me
  • Whitney T
    Whitney T 10 месяцев назад @Chayda Robinson hypospadias
  • Pyrexmind 365
    Pyrexmind 365 10 месяцев назад (изменено) @Chayda Robinson his hole of his peen is on the lower part of the head.. He had to have 3-4 surgeries. Cant remember the word but thats what it means lol
  • Nicole Raheem
    Nicole Raheem 9 месяцев назад @Chayda Robinson me 2 lol
  • Edna Adja
    Edna Adja 8 месяцев назад Same so they exermine his ** to verify the hole position
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад DonDon Vs Donia "It's Entertainment" all drama
  • Johnathan Patrick
    Johnathan Patrick Год назад Wow...James IS the father of Irelynn!! That's a great result...look at the joy on his face!! Congratulations, James, you deserve it. You've been taking care of her since she was born, now you get to do it for keeps. Good luck. Now, Tiffany, I could put you on blast for not keeping your story straight during the case and your cheating on James. But I'm not going to do that -- all I'll say is that you got a good man and a great father. Don't throw it away for a few minutes of lust.
  • Hilma Ndakola
    Hilma Ndakola Год назад true that
  • Asabi Fatosin
    Asabi Fatosin Год назад Ireland...
  • Johnathan Patrick
    Johnathan Patrick Год назад Asabi Fatosin Yeah, supposedly. But that's the way they spelled her name.
  • M N
    M N Год назад I thought she was called Ireland
  • V Llly
    V Llly Год назад Wow thanks for the spoiler. Dont do that.
  • rosie2112
    rosie2112 Год назад V Llly didn’t have to look in the comments :)
  • Johnathan Patrick
    Johnathan Patrick Год назад (изменено) V Llly YOU spoiled it. Watch the video, THEN read the comments. :)
  • D'Nicety
    D'Nicety Год назад (изменено) Amen! To Johnathan
  • Ben Fuller
    Ben Fuller 11 месяцев назад Is everyone just gonna to ignore the fact he was gonna just walk out of there lives like they ment nothing to him if he wasn't the dad. I'm happy he was and he has his daughter but when you love someone and when you love a child walking out of there loves just because dna is different is not an easy thing. Because you love them. Yes she made a mistake but he clearly was able to forgive that mistake as he stuck around and wanted the relationship to work only if it was his. True forgiveness isn't just sticking around and making relationship work with a condition. True forgiveness is forgiving the mistake and the concequences of the mistake and saying I'll be with you no matter what. That's my belief anyway
  • Melody Lods
    Melody Lods 11 месяцев назад Yeah you right! I'm started to cry now 😢 he is a good man
  • Reahlene Roberts
    Reahlene Roberts 10 месяцев назад Well said
  • Yeah, I said it
    Yeah, I said it 8 месяцев назад V Llly Don’t read the comments if you don’t want “spoilers”.
  • You too
    You too 7 месяцев назад @Ben Fuller you can't stick around and be with a cheater especially if the baby is not yours
  • Ida Mae Bennett
    Ida Mae Bennett 7 месяцев назад Johnathan Patrick Very Thankful his the father
  • ellie_teixeira1
    ellie_teixeira1 7 месяцев назад Spoilers!
  • breguet101
    breguet101 6 месяцев назад @Ben Fuller, Aren't you just the better person. You obviously haven't been cheated on in your marriage, resulting in a baby.
  • Sian Gaskell
    Sian Gaskell 4 месяца назад For those saying her name is Ireland it is not. Her name is Irelynn and the parents are no longer together.
  • R D
    R D 1 месяц назад Ben Fuller I cant blame him. His feelings should count too. Why stay with her and take his hurt for her cheating out on the child. Walking away is sometimes the best thing to do.
  • R D
    R D 1 месяц назад Sian Gaskell thank you for the update.
  • Alina McPherson
    Alina McPherson 1 месяц назад R D He isn't talking about her he is talking about her daughter. He said he loved her daughter as if she was his own but he would leave if she wasn't his. That's not love. He only loves the little girl only because he believes that she is his. If you truly love a child as if they are your own then it doesn't matter if the child is of your DNA or not. Most cannot truly love a child that is not theirs. That's why I stay single. If I want to have a child I will find some one willing with no strings attached. Though my newborn was a complete mistake as I had too much strong drink and was taken advantage of. But the point is don't bother with relationships. They are too much headache and not worth it.
  • acay
    acay Год назад The picture at 22 weeks can show resemblance? That's a stretch.
  • MnM412614
    MnM412614 Год назад Silliest thing i ever heard 😩😂
  • A2i IAA
    A2i IAA 11 месяцев назад I think so cos I saw some resemblance of my baby girl with my hubby when we went for the scan. His tiny Lil lips and his big eyes. It showed.
  • Amber Horton
    Amber Horton 11 месяцев назад My oldest looked exactly like my husband in the ultrasound at 5 months. She looked so much like him that even his family saw it immediately. Still till this day, she is his twin.
  • acay
    acay 10 месяцев назад @Amber Horton Wow! Now that's a miracle.
  • Shannon J
    Shannon J 10 месяцев назад I was guessing how funny looking my son might be until I saw his ultrasound and instantly new he was going to look just like his daddy. And I was right.
  • Cool Bearslimes
    Cool Bearslimes 8 месяцев назад That girl just made everything right with what she said she was doing for her daughter not her I like her now in beginning not so much but I admire and respect her you can tell she’s not super smart but she wants to better herself talking for about school and being a great mom for her daughter and risk her love life for her daughter to love her own true father
  • Annmarie busu
    Annmarie busu 5 месяцев назад acay like why does she need that. The baby is right there 😁
  • Heather McKinnon
    Heather McKinnon 2 недели назад Not to be mean to my new grandson, (I now have 2) but my daughter said she saw his daddy's "five head".
  • Nikki Gloom
    Nikki Gloom Год назад the ears gave her away... sorry. i havent even watched it 5 min in.
  • Rana Blue
    Rana Blue 5 месяцев назад Exactly what I said!!
  • Annmarie busu
    Annmarie busu 5 месяцев назад Nikki Gloom 😂 I see it too.
  • ieattofu68
    ieattofu68 5 месяцев назад That FOREHEAD too...
  • Destiny Villar
    Destiny Villar 4 месяца назад obviously😂😂
  • May Brad
    May Brad 2 месяца назад True 😄
  • DonDon Vs Donia
    DonDon Vs Donia Год назад I’m extremely happy for him! And them! 🙌🏽
  • Carolette Hinds
    Carolette Hinds Год назад DonDon Vs Donia me too. The baby had his mouth and ears. That was what i use to detect he was the father.
  • Kimberly Gray
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  • stitchfan08
    stitchfan08 Год назад If u are that desperate to have a kid u don't sleep with a 2nd person and think that will help make a happy family
  • PoppyCorn144
    PoppyCorn144 Год назад stitchfan08 tbh it may have been the pregnancy hormones. Pregnant women do the weirdest stuff, and have some batty leaps of logic.
  • Shawn Nemo
    Shawn Nemo Год назад stitchfan08 yeah she trying to be like Sarah in the Bible only difference is she cheated instead of letting him
  • Ricky Mckinnon
    Ricky Mckinnon Год назад Thank u. Finally somebody said it
  • Ricky Mckinnon
    Ricky Mckinnon Год назад @PoppyCorn144 STILL NO EXCUSE PERIOD
  • PoppyCorn144
    PoppyCorn144 Год назад rick mckinnon no need to shout! And an explanation is not an excuse.
  • Dante's Inferno
    Dante's Inferno 11 месяцев назад @PoppyCorn144 lol you make pregnant women seem evil. Very few preg women actually cheat on their man.
  • PoppyCorn144
    PoppyCorn144 11 месяцев назад Dante I agree but when pregnant some women make the weirdest of conclusions. Not murderous at all but just WEIRD. When my A+ mum was pregnant with my sister we had a huge argument over cheese which I don’t even eat, and I lived with my grandparents for 3 months because of that ridiculous argument. She admitted later that she was just being a little crazy.
  • Cool Bearslimes
    Cool Bearslimes 8 месяцев назад She made up for her mistakes with saying what she wants for daughter because it’s not all talk she’s actually doing what she’s saying, walking the walk
  • Major Crazy Cool
    Major Crazy Cool Год назад James looks like the skinny version of John Cena
  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert Год назад Major Crazy Cool i thought more of Matt Damon
  • Linda
    Linda Год назад Definitely matt damon
  • Arush Budhathoki
    Arush Budhathoki Год назад how did you see john cena?
  • Dom Alex
    Dom Alex 11 месяцев назад Major Crazy Cool I saw logic
  • Don Borracho
    Don Borracho 5 месяцев назад He cant C U
  • ReRe T
    ReRe T Год назад I am soooo happy for him, love this outcome. Sometimes babies are conceived when you stop trying.
  • Qadira El-Bey
    Qadira El-Bey Год назад ReRe T exactly what happened to me got married n everybody Wa putting pressure on us to have our first child... A whole year no baby n once I said I'm not trying anymore boom here comes baby C. J... It always happens that way
  • Baby Teano
    Baby Teano Год назад True 😊
  • Jessica Opara
    Jessica Opara Год назад So true
  • Alexia Daley
    Alexia Daley Год назад So true. Happens all the time. Friends of mine adopted 2 then had 2 of their own. They were so surprised.
  • whisperingmists
    whisperingmists 10 месяцев назад My aunt and uncle tried SO HARD to have kids, and the first was like a miracle. They wanted more and tried adopting and fertility treatments, and had no luck. After more than 5 years, they gave up. 14 years after the birth of my first "miracle" cousin, they had the second. Of course, everyone thought the elder daughter was the mom of the baby, lol.
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад ReRe T "It's Entertainment" all drama
  • itsshevyb
    itsshevyb 5 месяцев назад @Qadira El-Bey same
  • Bella Noir Rose
    Bella Noir Rose Год назад The baby is a cutie.
  • Zinhle Sibisi
    Zinhle Sibisi Год назад They good people. ..and she owned up to get mistakes...we all human n make mistakes!!...
  • Myra Carroll
    Myra Carroll Год назад Zinhle Sibisi amen
  • Amber Green
    Amber Green Год назад Zinhle Sibisi for real I was so happy for them.
  • Sampai Gaming
    Sampai Gaming Год назад She didn't cheat, she also desperate for the baby. i can't believe those people exist nowadays.
  • Kajal Singh Rajvanshi
    Kajal Singh Rajvanshi Год назад Sampai Gaming if she desperate for the baby and sleep with other man and think she can make a happy family than it's a lie she is a cheater and she fooled the person she this Evan a love??? No! that's not love and she is a horrible person for doing this.....I don't know how to explain but is so pain full list believe me if she wants a family than just leave him and do whatever you want to make herself happy
  • Kajal Singh Rajvanshi
    Kajal Singh Rajvanshi Год назад Zinhle Sibisi yes we all are humans and we make mistakes but unknowingly.....not intentionally, there's a big difference
  • kasim09able
    kasim09able 10 месяцев назад This is not some mistake.It's an intentional decision to cheat and have someone else's kid.
  • Bookmice
    Bookmice 10 месяцев назад He should leave her regardless
  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan 8 месяцев назад Zinhle Sibisi "It's Entertainment" all drama
  • Ai Kun
    Ai Kun 8 месяцев назад Grammar suicides
  • You too
    You too 7 месяцев назад Yeah but some mistakes can be really huge and this one could have been one of them but she dodged a bullet
  • T. Dee
    T. Dee 7 месяцев назад @Sampai Gaming she didn't cheat???? SHE ADMITTED IT!! I 🤣🤣🤣
  • jkmarble jk
    jkmarble jk 3 месяца назад She didn’t just cheat she was so obsessed with the fact to have a baby she cheated didn’t even care about the man she just wanted her cake and eat it too.
  • Cindy Cristobal
    Cindy Cristobal 1 месяц назад @Sampai Gaming sleeping with another guy while you're in relationship with another is not cheating? Lol. Your definition of cheating is warped.