Vets Rush To Save Sick Dog In Critical Condition | Pit Bulls & Parolees

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Lizzie responds to a call about a dog on the side of the road who is in critical condition and close to dying. After rushing to the vets and trying to find a diagnosis, will the dog make it through?

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  • phantommangagirl
    phantommangagirl 5 месяцев назад What they didn't show was the guy seeing her again. He was crying over how much better she was and said he wanted to adopt her when she was fully recovered.
  • glamdolly20
    glamdolly20 5 месяцев назад Yes but it fell thru - I pray Hilda did get a 4ever family, she's such a sweetie I've a feelig she did!
  • Henning Aasheim
    Henning Aasheim 2 месяца назад Bebypupy
  • Kati I
  • BayArea Mermaid
    BayArea Mermaid 5 месяцев назад I remember watching this one on tv, and that dude was absolutely amazing for waiting by that pup 😭
  • Ash G
    Ash G 5 месяцев назад BayArea Mermaid me too 😭😭😭
  • glamdolly20
    glamdolly20 5 месяцев назад I recall he visited little Hilda & asked 2 adcpt her, but it fell thru. I pray she has a great 4ever family.
  • Curvy Diva
    Curvy Diva 5 месяцев назад (изменено) I was so upset seeing her condition at first, then to know she had almost died giving birth too dead pups, but what made me finally cry? When she came out at the end and was totally fine 😭 That little ones a fighter 😭 I hope someone adopts her and gives her an amazing home. She deserves it after all that ❤️
  • penny scioneaux
    penny scioneaux 3 месяца назад someone in Minnesota adopted her
  • Rancho The Dog
    Rancho The Dog 5 месяцев назад Wow, I didn't know that about maggots... That's really interesting! Thank you for helping her, hope she'll find a great forever home 💕💕💕
  • Mattigot
    Mattigot 5 месяцев назад We use sterile maggots and leeches in our hospital. Maggots for people who have severe feet and leg infections, leeches for people who have had skin/ muscle transplants to increase venous circulation.
  • Allen Tax
    Allen Tax 5 месяцев назад @Mattigot Increase blood circulation in more easier understanding. Things like this people should be also educated on. The small,creepy,scary,gross creatures of earth. That have benefits, helps others live.Is as some forget spiders help control insects as centipedes do to spiders. A certain spider out there can live longer than a human even.30 years. So yeah it can live that long.
  • Mattigot
    Mattigot 5 месяцев назад @Allen Tax I don't dumb things down, people can look up what words mean. It's called learning, something that is sorely lacking today. What does your spider comment have to do with the comment I made?
  • JG JG
    JG JG 5 месяцев назад Law enforcement can also tell how long a body has been dead based on maggots & other insects as well.
  • Ash G
    Ash G 5 месяцев назад Rancho The Dog 🐶
  • brenda mills
    brenda mills 4 месяца назад you can buy sterile, lab grown maggots to debride [clean] grossly infected , deep wounds that would be damaged greater and likely spread the infection by manually cleaning it.....maggots don't bother healthy tissue......when they've done their job, they are irrigated out with sterile saline and they leave healthy tissue........
  • Emily Lowe
    Emily Lowe 5 месяцев назад (изменено) If i ever found a puppy like that i would run so fast to the nearest vet to save that little puppy:) it is so amazing and talented that you guys can do that ❤️(edit thanks for the likes)
  • Veronica Stewart
    Veronica Stewart 5 месяцев назад Oh ! Thank you for saving her ! I’m sitting here in tears thinking she didn’t made it ! I myself have saved these babies and still have them well I lost 3 from old age but they knew they were loved, and I’m down to 7 dogs 6 cats ! I know that’s nothing like what y’all have and do for ! All of y’all are my heroes!! Thanks for sharing and never give up ! Tell your Vet she’s the best !
  • Aline Skibunny
    Aline Skibunny 5 месяцев назад So sad that she must have been seen by so many others who did nothing to help. Thank goodness Sean came across her and literaly saved her life. Great job by Villa Lobos and their vet. God bless all. Good to see Hilda made it.
  • Calleigh 은미 V
    Calleigh 은미 V 5 месяцев назад Ugh so heartbreaking about this poor mama and her puppies 😔💔 bless Sean, Lizzie, and Dr. Kristen/her awesome staff for saving her! I hope she gets an amazing home! 🙏🏻💕
  • Cotton Castillo
    Cotton Castillo 5 месяцев назад Thank you thank you all so much for helping her ...she was a fighter and she now deserves a good life with a family that will love her and look after her like a queen ... ❤🥰
  • Jo Ann S
    Jo Ann S 5 месяцев назад You are angels 👼. So glad she made it
    LYNDA DE LEON 5 месяцев назад God Bless all the rescuers !! ♡ 😘
  • ann kelly
    ann kelly 5 месяцев назад How the hell does a little dog get into this condition? how does no one notice or help before her condition is so dire? I cannot understand how anyone can ignore an animal in need. Thanks to those who helped her.
  • Allen Tax
    Allen Tax 5 месяцев назад Some people don't care very little. You should know,remember that there are people out there who have no emotion,empathy. Also some cats,dogs & few other outside home able animals can be born in wild & live in it. Only then be seen by a human & them to take action. There is the human situation of someone who has a pet or pets & gold old && can't take care of them & is to shamed to get help. Worried of being sued. To them that is an enough excuse. Although this case I don't think the dog was born wild & grew up in it.
  • ann kelly
    ann kelly 5 месяцев назад @Allen Tax Spay and neuter. We domesticated dogs, they cannot fend for themselves, thrown away like trash to fend for themselves. We do not deserve the love and loyalty of dogs.
  • Jennifer Loving
    Jennifer Loving 5 месяцев назад ikr! Good thing that guy found her and got her help!
  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman 5 месяцев назад Maggots have been used in medical care for centuries. They aren't always a bad thing
  • Zelia Le Roux
    Zelia Le Roux 2 месяца назад If controlled yes
  • JFM
    JFM 3 недели назад As disgusting as they are, necrosis is worse. 😷
  • what's up yaul
    what's up yaul 5 месяцев назад I want to thank everyone who saved Hilda's life. She's a cutie and I hope she will soon get a forever home.😊😘🤗
  • Amreentaj-2017 Taj
    Amreentaj-2017 Taj 5 месяцев назад Thank you for helping this dog
  • Paula Stenavage
    Paula Stenavage 5 месяцев назад Was so glad to see Hilda get better. Thanks to that guy who found her and to Lizzie and Dr.Kirsten cause you never gave up on her. 👏👏👏👏😊😊😊
  • LetItRain2019
    LetItRain2019 2 месяца назад “She wants to keep living. Hopefully because someone special is waiting for her.” starts sobbing
  • Sky Luxy
    Sky Luxy 5 месяцев назад #SAVETHEANIMALS   Save the animals today! Make a stand to save them if you see a hurt animal take it to a vet. And if you see a lost animal contact Hope For Paws they love to help animals in need! Or donate to a local animal shelter and help save those endangered animals help save them today!
  • vanatje roos
    vanatje roos 5 месяцев назад Love this show and family
  • lilly burbine
    lilly burbine 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Some One was most likely breeding her and she Needed a Emergency C-section And the owner could or Didn’t want To pay for it and Threw her out
  • Gorgeous Freeman
    Gorgeous Freeman 4 месяца назад Or she got out and tried to go have her pups else where. Maggots form 24 hours after such blood/decay