1-Year-Old Has Rare Life Threatening Condition | Child In A Million | Real Families

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Child in a Million follows the medical teams at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital over eight months, capturing just some of the incredible pioneering treatments which take place there each day.

The series follows 13 children and their families both at home and in the hospital, as doctors attempt to diagnose their rare, and often, complex conditions and work out how best to treat them using cutting-edge techniques.

The Good, the Bad & the Messy – our channel features documentaries and shows about stories of modern parenting. Through a mixture of original & archive content, we explore a range of captivating subjects; education styles, complex relationships, food habits, the challenges of large families…

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  • Hunter
    Hunter 3 месяца назад "oh now youre happy" cat: xzhjgzdzvxz "oh no youre not"
  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 3 месяца назад That cracked me up! 👍😆
  • Artsy Fartsy
    Artsy Fartsy 3 месяца назад I can't even begin to imagine the amount of pain Ellie must have been in after such an intrusive surgery!
  • Shan
    Shan 3 месяца назад Artsy Fartsy yes..I said the same thing.......
  • Virginia Martens
    Virginia Martens 2 месяца назад The skin will hurt but the bones won’t cause her pain.
  • HQ Girl
    HQ Girl 2 месяца назад Artsy Fartsy she must of been in so much pain
  • Nathaly Parrales
    Nathaly Parrales 3 месяца назад (изменено) This was in 2006, just incase y’all wondered about her being born in 1994 😂
  • Celeste Lisbo
    Celeste Lisbo 3 месяца назад U read my mind ☺️☺️☺️
  • Marieke D
    Marieke D 3 месяца назад I wonder how she is doing now
  • Isobella Evans
    Isobella Evans 3 месяца назад Marieke D she’s 25 now
  • EP D
    EP D 3 месяца назад Her OP was in 2006
  • Chidinma Okereke
    Chidinma Okereke 3 месяца назад Nathaly Parrales thanks u was really about to do all that math
  • Ida Sofie Arntzen
    Ida Sofie Arntzen 3 месяца назад It can't be 2005, because she was playing the sims 3, and that game came out in 2009. (you can see her playing it right before she turns the mirror)
  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 3 месяца назад No way, really? 😂😂
  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 3 месяца назад @Ida Sofie Arntzen yes it was, she was born in 194 and is 11 in the documentary, making it 2005.
  • gabriella Lodge
    gabriella Lodge 3 месяца назад Or if u read on the paper she got the year is 2006.....
  • gabriella Lodge
    gabriella Lodge 3 месяца назад She's was also 11 going on 12 in this document so 2006 is when this was made not 200t
  • MissWitch2310
    MissWitch2310 3 месяца назад Why would anyone be confused? Unless they are retarded
  • Dana B
  • Teresa Tv
    Teresa Tv 3 месяца назад princess daisy pracila You have an ugly soul
  • sevencero
    sevencero 3 месяца назад Oh we can do math thank you very much
  • Anne L
    Anne L 3 месяца назад @mercedes angle clark Wait, were you describing yourself? I feel so sorry for you.....
  • mercedes angle clark
    mercedes angle clark 3 месяца назад @Anne L im sorry i have problems ill go delete it
  • Anne L
    Anne L 3 месяца назад @mercedes angle clark You don't have to apologize to me because your words weren't meant for me but to delete it is very much appreciated..
  • Journey & Lifetimes
    Journey & Lifetimes 3 месяца назад Nathaly Parrales thank you! I was so confused
  • dogescape
    dogescape 3 месяца назад @Ida Sofie Arntzen That's the Sims 2 not 3
  • 7.756.935
    7.756.935 3 месяца назад @mercedes angle clark Why don't you delete yourself instead?
  • Aj Williams
    Aj Williams 3 месяца назад sevencero stop being rude not everyone can find out the date so just shush
  • Aj Williams
    Aj Williams 3 месяца назад Anne L no she wasn’t it was for us confused people so shush!
  • Aj Williams
    Aj Williams 3 месяца назад 7.756.935 why don’t u delete yourself?
  • Penny Achour
    Penny Achour 2 месяца назад Chidinma Okereke 😂👍🏻
  • Penny Achour
    Penny Achour 2 месяца назад MissWitch2310 Nasty word honey, NASTY!
  • Francesca Fournair
    Francesca Fournair 1 месяц назад Nathaly Parrales 2006
  • Francesca Fournair
    Francesca Fournair 1 месяц назад Ida Sofie Arntzen 2006 says it on her medical paper
  • India M
    India M 3 месяца назад Oh god. I can’t imagine the terror of finding my eye on my cheekbone
  • beyedoc
    beyedoc 3 месяца назад As an eye doctor, I can affirm that this is quite terrifying but actually happens more frequently than you think and usually is not a major or even painful issue. Very psychologically scary, though, and I would think especially to a child!
  • Quieshe Hope
    Quieshe Hope 3 месяца назад beyedoc, eye out of socket on cheek is not extremely rare? What besides Ellie situation would cause this to happen?. The only thing I can think of is my son was bit on his eye lid by fire ant. Fluid built up behind eye started pushing eye out. He was hospitalized for week then nurses treated him at home for another week. I was under the understanding if the eye did come out he would lose the eye.