G2 vs DreamEaters (Overpass) Highlights - StarLadder Berlin Major

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G2 vs DreamEaters best moments(highlights) of the bo1 game
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  • Chris Bearne
    Chris Bearne 3 недели назад Love the content, but most people watching these vids haven’t seen the matches. Spoiling a match you haven’t uploaded in the first 5 seconds isn’t great.
  • Iman
    Iman 3 недели назад Where is the nrg match ? Also you kinda spoiled the nrg match in 5 seconds
  • AK K
    AK K 3 недели назад Videos are good bro no need for that weird intro
  • eatsleepcode repeat
    eatsleepcode repeat 3 недели назад Youwrong posted a video that theres a chnge coming. Check it out
  • AK K
    AK K 3 недели назад I don't really care what he has to say tbh...hence the situation. :\
  • Jonathan 33
    Jonathan 33 3 недели назад @AK K i have heard of youtube new rules that if you copy the clips, you will need to add something like (voice/own clips/etc) to monetize the video
  • AK K
    AK K 3 недели назад @Jonathan 33 good looking out! I did not know that and if that's the case I retract my statement!
  • Frostinizo
    Frostinizo 3 недели назад Hey man i subbed to your channel becuase i enjoy your content. I watch it becuase i dont want to watch the full match but if u spoil the match in first 5 sec theres basically no excitement in watching
  • Victor Moura
    Victor Moura 3 недели назад Speed4k actually a good awper
  • silver noob
    silver noob 3 недели назад He really is a damn good awper
  • lucky strike
    lucky strike 3 недели назад Don't spoil the game before people watch it... I knew the result because I've watched all games except for 2 but people come here because they know they won't get spoiled like on HLTV
  • YoungBeezy
    YoungBeezy 3 недели назад I love ur videos and your my favorite csgo channel. You don’t need that weird intro.
  • matthew goncalves
    matthew goncalves 3 недели назад I love your content, but your intros are terrible. I can barely understand what your saying, and your spoiling matches. If you want a simple easy intro, Give us Stats about each team playing and their best player. Tell us each teams rank. Previous tournaments won. That will keep me in touch with CS when I'm busy. Thanks for reading. Goodluck and keep posting!
  • zack iwnl
    zack iwnl 3 недели назад 1:30 SICK 🤘🏻
  • e sports cs go zzz
    e sports cs go zzz 2 недели назад G2 won i am happy but dream eaters plated gg
  • DTR CS
    DTR CS 3 недели назад 360p squad
    BİRİ Sİ 3 недели назад 1:28 what?
  • Beksultan Kemelbek
    Beksultan Kemelbek 3 недели назад Братан тебе нужен нормальный переводчик, ты используешь гугловский? Гугл переводчик гавно, и внятно произноси слова. Лучше говори на русском
  • Ethan Wu
    Ethan Wu 3 недели назад Love your little intro to the game before the highlights, keep it up!
  • Sead Memedi
    Sead Memedi 3 недели назад 8:54 CS:GO'D 😒😒
  • fuongbregas
    fuongbregas 3 недели назад He was slightly moving though, you can see the scope was blurry
  • Alex Beltran
    Alex Beltran 3 недели назад Wouldn't have changed the outcome
  • JoKeR XD
    JoKeR XD 3 недели назад What means D?
  • Sead Memedi
    Sead Memedi 3 недели назад @JoKeR XD that means when u shoot the player in the body and u can't kill him cuz the game for one moment is broked
  • stavros loudis
    stavros loudis 3 недели назад I have been watching your videos since esl one New York 2016 big fan and I like that intro
  • Wanna Pro
    Wanna Pro 3 недели назад kennys getting OLD
  • High on gadget
    High on gadget 3 недели назад man just stfu , look at his stats in previous game
  • ARSNL eSports
    ARSNL eSports 3 недели назад ur names cancer stfu
  • Coldzero14
    Coldzero14 3 недели назад No you don't listen to hate, Youwrong, you do what you want!